Drawing an Painting Course SSA Project

This course is conducted in English, dedicated for foreigners. We welcome hobbysts and individuals who would like to prepare to an exam / application to any of art colledge or university.

The course includes lessons of drawing and painting. Participants will work on topics like: still live, live drawing and painting using number of art techniques like: charcoal, pencil, ink, acrylic and oil colors. Also besides the live subjects taken through direct observation of nature there are some exersises to be made from imagination.

Proffesinal staff of teaches work with the students. Among our art teachers are: absolvents of a prestigious Art School of London and professors of Academy of Fine Arts and Pedagogical University in Krakow.

Program of lessons is unique, proprietary of SSA and is provided exclusively only for our students.

Order informations

The workshop is located at 27 Kasztelańska str. The class is workig only thursdays, one group of students not exceeding 9. In order to sign in for the class is to send an email or phone nr listed below. We'll answer immediately by email sending transfer data for admission fee 500 PLN. Fee payment confirms your reservation of one of the only 9 places at the workspace. Please make your payment within 5 working days since you have  recieved the reply email. The number of places is limited.

For more informations call Filip +48 693 859 247

Applicatons: through our email: ssa@rysunek.edu.pl or by phone +48 693 859 247 - Filip

Start: 20. 09. 2018

End: 13.06. 2019

Place: Kasztelańska 27

Time weekly: 16.30 – 20.00 Thursdays

Addmission fee: 500 PLN

Course price: 3 300 PLN - for whole school year ( 144 h )

May be payed in two rates:

First rate on the begining of the school year: 2 000 PLN

Second, on the end of January 2019: 1 300 PLN


At the end of the school year there is an option we help to compose your portfolio for 100 PLN fee.

Formal Informations

 The Studio is not issuing any dipomas, we can only give a certificate of participation in the Art Project Salwatorskie Studio Artystyczne which is officialy organized by The Art Association ARSNICA.

  • The Studio cannot guarantee our students that after the course they will be granted admission to any art school or to pass exames to them for sure.
  • We solidly teach the skils useing many art techniques, extend peception and sensitivity by different craft exercises. We have individual approachment to any student. Anyone can take part in the class: beginers and more advanced participants.
  • We guarantee good climate for creation, to fulfill your craveing for an art adventure, passion and hobby

Please consider your decison before calling or sending an email, this is 9 month program of activity ones a week, exept hollidays (listed at our timetable of the SSA's school year of 2018/2019 that you will recieve at the first day of class.) In our opinion this is the minimum time to study such wide subjects like drawing and painting.